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Malvasia Emilia IGP Sweet Aromatic Quality Sparkling Wine


Malvasia Emilia IGP Sweet Aromatic Quality Sparkling Wine

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Production Area hills and foothills area of the southern parts of Modena province.
Vines 100% aromatic Malvasia.
Vinification soft-pressing, immediate draining and cold fermentation without skin contact.
Storage refrigerated stainless steel silos.
Second Fermentation autoclaving (Charmat process) temperature controlled.
Longevity to be consumed preferably within 15 months after grape harvest in order to maintain its freshness. High temperature storage speeds up its ageing.
Alcoholic Content 7,5%. Shows a sugar residue of around 50 g per liter.
Packaging Collio bottle green, 750 ml; sparkling wine cork; 6 bottles cases.
Colour brilliant pale yellow.
Fragrance typical aromatic Malvasia taste, very pleasant.
Taste sweet with a persistent taste. Light sparkling. Fresh and harmonious.
Serving Temperature 8-10°C.
Advice perfect for desserts and ice creams. Suitable also with dry cakes.


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